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Rogue River Bluegrass: Paradise Or Bust


Brand New Trip: Rogue River Bluegrass This year, River Drifters is excited to announce that the bluegrass sensation Brooks Forsyth will be joining us on the Rogue River in Southwest Oregon on a four-day, three-night white water rafting and camping adventure! The talented musician, who hails from the Appalachian mountains of North Carolina, will [MORE...]

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Deschutes River: Rafting Near Mt Hood


Rafting Near Mt Hood: The Deschutes River's Rich History and Thrilling Adventures Seeking rafting near Mt Hood? You've landed in the right place! Based in Maupin, Oregon we offer various single-day and multi-day whitewater rafting trips on the Lower Deschutes River. It is a quick and scenic 45-minute drive from Timberline Lodge or a [MORE...]

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Owyhee River Rafting: Peace Enjoyed By Few


Remarkable Owyhee River Rafting! Nestled in the southeast corner of Oregon lies a hidden gem, a wilderness that beckons to the adventurous spirit and nature enthusiasts alike. Owyhee River rafting, on a tributary of the Snake River, winds its way through a rugged landscape, offering an untouched and awe-inspiring experience for those willing to [MORE...]

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Oregon River Rafting Businesses


What Do These Oregon River Rafting Businesses All Have In Common? Love for rivers and countless memories on Oregon rivers! Over the years, we’ve had the privilege of hearing innumerable stories of how our river trips have positively influenced the lives of local and global families, friends, groups, and organizations. We’d like to acknowledge [MORE...]

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Ultimate Southern Oregon Family Road Trip


Turning Your Rogue River Rafting Trip Into The Ultimate Southern Oregon Family Road Trip The Rogue River offers one of the best all-around, family-friendly overnight rafting trips in the Western United States. The Rogue is home to unmatched natural beauty, thrilling whitewater, quiet seclusion, abundant wildlife, and rich history. The river is nestled in [MORE...]

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What To Wear Whitewater Rafting


Wondering What To Wear Rafting? The internet answer to 'what to wear rafting?' (swimsuit, board shorts, and a quick-drying shirt) is NOT entirely correct. A single layer of skin coverage does NOT work for all rafting trips. Board shorts and a sun shirt (pictured below) may be appropriate for rafting mid-summer when the [MORE...]

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Whitewater Rafting – Oregon Company Outing


Your 'Off-The-Charts' Oregon Company Outing! Whitewater rafting on the Lower Deschutes River provides an Oregon company outing that gets people out of the office, promotes relationship building, and shows employee appreciation. A whitewater rafting half-day or full-day trip also gives teams an opportunity to have fun, be outside, and enjoy recreating together! [MORE...]

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Top Day Trip | Bend, Oregon


Day Trip From Bend | Your Ideal Central Oregon Adventure By far the best whitewater rafting day trip from Bend, OR is on the Lower Deschutes out of Maupin, Oregon! The day stretch of the Lower Deschutes holds 12 miles of fun and exciting class II-III rapids, as well as opportunities to ride the [MORE...]

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When To Book A Multi-Day Rafting Trip In Oregon


Months To Book Your Multi-Day Rafting Trip In Oregon At River Drifters, we offer family-friendly overnight rafting trips on some of the best rivers in the Pacific Northwest, including the Rogue River, Deschutes River, and Owyhee River. One of the most frequently asked questions we get from our customers inquiring about multi-day trips [MORE...]

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Best Family Day Trip | Portland, Oregon


Best Family Day Trip Itinerary The Columbia River Gorge is a spectacular river canyon full of enchantment, wonder, and adventure. This river gorge is home to the mighty Columbia River, grand vistas, waterfalls tucked away inside canyons or plummeting off basalt cliffs towering hundreds of feet overhead, and lush, deep evergreen forests idyllic of [MORE...]

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