Below are the physical and mental criteria for eligibility to participate on any River Drifters river trip.

  1. Wear a Coast Guard (Type V) approved flotation device (max chest size of 56 inches). Also wear a helmet where required.
  2. Be able to remain seated and balanced on the raft while holding on with at least one hand.
  3. Be capable to board and exit the raft independently, potentially up to several times per day.
  4. Be capable to independently navigate shoreline terrain. This can include traversing across slippery rocks, logs, uneven surfaces, vegetation and low branches. This can include maintaining balance while near cliffs or elevated terrain.
  5. Be able to assist in self-rescue in the event of a capsized raft or being thrown from the raft. Ability to swim in swift water or in whitewater may include the ability to: orientate yourself in the river, reposition yourself to different swimming positions, swim aggressively to boat, shore or rope, receive a rescue rope and possibly let go, get out from a capsized boat, keep your airway passages sealed while underwater and regain breathing control while being submitted to repeated submersion under currents or waves.
  6. Be able to swim 100 yards in flat water while wearing a PFD.
  7. Be able to comprehend and follow both verbal and non-verbal instructions. This may include stressful and dangerous situations.
  8. Ability to assist another passenger that has fallen out of the raft by pulling them back in.
  9. Be physically and mentally capable of participating a trip without endangering or negatively impacting the health and safety of other participants on the trip.
  10. If you are taking prescription medications, the ability to maintain proper dosage either independently or with a friend or family member.
  11. Be able to carry personal gear and dry bags (up to 35lbs) from the boat to your camping location and back. This can either be done independently or with the aid of a friend or family member while on overnight trips.
  12. Be able to remain adequately hydrated, fed and dressed properly to avoid environmental injuries such as sunburn, heat related illness, hypothermia and frostbite. If the above criteria is not met then the person will be disqualified from participating in a river trip with River Drifters. This criteria only exits for your own safety as well as other trip participants. None of the criteria is meant to discriminate on the basis of mental or physical disability and are applied uniformly. River Drifters is committed to making reasonable modifications/alterations to a trip for any person with a disability as long they don’t fundamentally alter the nature of the trip.