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Our Recommendations for Family Rafting Trips:

Deschutes River

Clearly the most popular and most suited for everyone in the family is the Deschutes River! Warm water, great weather and playful rapids are perfect…..

Clackamas River

The Clackamas River is filled with action, fun and an abundance of rapids……

White Salmon River

Words cannot express how much Fun the White Salmon river is. Suited for families who want a bit more adventure…..

North Santiam River

A delightful river trip with mellow rapids and enough excitement to keep everyone entertained…..

Family Fun!

River Drifters started rafting with families in 1979 and your family will be treated with the same personal touch that founded this company! There is not a better summertime activity that you and your family could enjoy more than a river trip! Our office receives several ‘thank you letters’ each week from happy guests that took their families rafting. Many people say that the rafting portion of their vacation or family reunion was a true ‘highlight’ of their trip! Nothing creates bonds and enhances friendships like an outdoor adventure!

Fun for the Entire Family!

Who Can go rafting? Just about everyone in the family can enjoy a river trip with River Drifters! From a mature four years of age to ninety years of age can participate! And yes we said ninety! Many seniors think that they would just not be suitable for the trip and this is simply not true! In fact River Drifters has a few ‘seniors only’ groups that attend annually! Our trips on the Deschutes and North Santiam Rivers are perfect for the entire family! Many more common questions and concerns can be found on our ‘Commonly Asked Questions‘ page.

My family is adventurous but I am not?

No Problem! In fact, there is a number of people who raft with us each year that are not adventurous, don’t know how to swim or are frightened by the very thought of water! Many times these people finish the trip just begging for more! Our professional guides are committed to making your adventure with us not only safe but of the finest possible quality.

I am worried that a river trip will be too wild for my children?

Many people have the notion that a river trip is fast and furious and resembles something they say on a movie like The River Wild. This is simply not true, although some of the rivers we run are much more difficult than others, the Deschutes and North Santiam Rivers are perfect rivers to initially venture on! We understand that people have many different ideas of what river rafting is and our goal is to make everyone feel as comfortable as possible. The whitewater rafting opportunities in Oregon and Washington are some of the best in the nation! Come join us for an unforgettable rafting trip!

At River Drifters, rivers in general is our passion. When we are done with work, we play on the river, in the off season, we play on the river! We love the rivers we run in Oregon and Washington and our enthusiasm and professionalism will show it! We are eager to share our love for rivers with you!

We have created this site to not only expose the many great adventures that we are proud to offer but as an educational tool as well. The main purpose of this site is to offer you with as much information as possible to ensure comfort, ease and confidence when choosing your next adventure for whitewater rafting in Oregon and/or Washington! And please if you need additional information or you are not finding the answers to your questions, feel free to give us a call!

A Final Note About Selecting the Appropriate River Trip for You Family

We have mentioned the Deschutes and North Santiam Rivers several times on this page. For most families these are the two best trips! Occasionally guests try to select trips that best suit the needs of the individual making the reservation, and in a few cases that trip ends up being one that may not be the best for the entire group. One of the finest qualities that the Deschutes River has to offer is that the more adventurous and timid/first timers can be in two separate boats taking two different approaches to their trip. Although one group may be adventurous and wanting to take more aggressive routes through the rapids, the other group can take a casual and conservative approach to the river. For whatever your desires may be, the Deschutes River has it all!

Learn more about these rivers: Deschutes River & the North Santiam River! Or if you are interested in some family specials or ‘family only’ type trips please see our ‘special trips section’!