Assumption of Risk & Liability Form

Assumption of Risk & Liability Form 

What is your Privacy Policy?

Can I buy Gift Certificates?

Yes, you can purchase a gift certificate for someone else in one of two ways.  You can purchase them at our online store or you can give us a call at 800-972-0430 and we would be happy to assist!

Should I tip my guide?

We are frequently asked whether it is appropriate to tip your guide.  While our guides are well compensated for their skills and our high level of service is not exercised in order to receive a tip, if you feel that your trip was exceptional, or that your guide(s) went out of their way to make […]

Can I request a guide?

Our guides are professionals in their field, and requests for a specific guide is fairly common.  If you have had a guide you especially liked and would like to have them guide your next trip, we will do our best to place them on that trip, whenever possible.  You should simply request your guide when […]

What should I wear to the river?

The amount of extra clothing that you should bring depend on time of year, weather, water temperature and length of trip.  A complete list of what to bring for both on an off the river will be sent out with a trip itinerary for each trip we run.  If you are selecting a spring or […]

Can I reserve my own boat?

Special requests need to be done with our office in advance.  Reservations are based on space availability in each boat.  Chartered trips or special reserved boat options can be made available in special circumstances.  Our staff and guides will keep parties together whenever possible, we do reserve the right to make any final crew assignments.

What is the cancellation policy?

Please understand that when a reservation is made with River Drifters, it is a commitment for us to hold space for you and we can (and do) turn away others from that particular date.  If you decide to cancel, it can be difficult for use to book someone else on that trip, especially if cancellations […]

Are there any discounts available?

Yes.  There is discounts for groups of 12 or more, 24 or more, 40 or more and special chartered trips.  We also have child discounts for many of our trips.  There is also special pricing for church groups, Boy Scout groups and school groups.

When should I make a reservation?

Certain days of the season sell out very quickly, so we encourage you to call us as soon as you know where and when you want to go (1.800.972.0430)!  For instance, many Saturdays in July and August for the White Salmon and Deschutes Rivers’ are being booked as early as a year in […]