Husum Falls on the White Salmon River is the late season focal point and a trip highlight of later season rafting on the White Salmon River. Once flows actually become low enough and the hydraulic at the base of the falls becomes more forgiving, we start running Husum Falls. This is one of the largest commercially run drops you will find anywhere in the states. Husum Falls is also located right along highway 141 in the town of Husum, making it a very easy place for specters to gather and watch. The falls will change character and become much mellower as the water levels drop later into the season (usually in August and Sept). Although the falls is certainly not for everyone, one must be comfortable with the idea of possibly the raft flipping or being ejected from the boat and possibly swimming the shallow rapid below the bridge and swimming to shore.

Husum Falls is easily one of the most photographed rapids in the West. Here is a small collection of some of the good and “yes it happens” pics.