Husum Waterfall: The tallest floatable waterfalls in the U.S. on the White Salmon River!

Husum waterfall is easily one of the most photographed river rapids in the Pacific North West! The waterfall is located on the White Salmon River and is a trip highlight of later season rafting on the White Salmon River. Once flows actually become low enough and the hydraulic at the base of the falls becomes more forgiving, we start running Husum Falls. The change in character creates a waterfall that much mellower as the water levels drop later into the season (usually in August and Sept).

Husum Waterfall on White Salmon River in Washington state

This is one of the largest commercially run drops you will find anywhere in the states. Husum waterfall is also located right along Highway 141 in the town of Husum, making it a very easy place for spectators to gather and watch.  Just up the road from our White Salmon River Drifter’s Outpost, you can capture ‘hero shot’ photos or check our professional photos after your trip. The waterfall is certainly not for everyone. One must be comfortable with the possibility of the raft flipping, being ejected from the raft, and possibly swimming the shallow rapid below the bridge or swimming to shore.

Check out our Husum waterfall video clips capturing ‘yes it happens’ moments on the White Salmon River with our experienced, trained, and professional guides.

Ready to take your plunge on Husum Falls?

Here are your next steps:

(1) Confirm that each person in your party is up to our White Salmon River rafting and meets the Husum Falls age requirement of 16 and up with a parent present to paddle this drop. No exceptions here folks.

(2) Confirm that each person in your party meets the essential eligibility criteria so that each person in your group shows up to the river trip with the physical, emotional, and mental criteria required to participate in all River Drifters river trips. We understand the thrill and excitement of river rafting can often block the common senses that protect each of our well-being. We share your enthusiasm and we also take great care in extending all measures possible to assist guests in making wise and informed decisions for themselves and the people in their party.

(3) Confirm that your driving direction to our White Salmon River outpost fits into your vacation plans so that you have plenty of time to arrive 30 minutes prior to your adventure and get outfitted in our farmer john wetsuits, splash tops, helmet, lifejacket, and booties (all provided for guests with no extra fee).

(4) Book your whitewater river rafting and Husum Waterfall adventure now! We offer half-day or full-day adventures with a delightfully yummy lunch provided on favorite full-day trips. Definitely check out our half-day itinerary and full-day itinerary for trip details, weather, what to pack, how to dress, etc.

(5) Have additional questions or concerns, contact us so that we can assist you in choosing the optimal adventure for your family or group!