Oregon whitewater rafting offers extraordinary single-day and multi-day river trips!

Whether you’re an experienced outdoor enthusiast or a family with kiddos, we’ve got a trip that meets your skill level, time commitment, and sense of adventure.

Oregon whitewater rafting offers an experience that positively influences people. Perhaps you’re wondering: ‘How can we make such a broad claim?’ By witnessing the responses of our guests, we KNOW that rare encounters in the natural world spark wonder, curiosity, and learning.

When was the last time you were stopped in your tracks? Were you looking up at a starry night sky? Did you pull off to the side of the road to witness a sunset or animal crossing? Whether we are seeing the ordinary that we fail to notice on a regular basis or experiencing an event so inconceivably vast, there is an extraordinary aliveness that is ignited.

Imagine for a moment that you are flying above the snowcapped volcanoes strung down the center of Oregon. There’s colorful dry land terrain to the east and lush verdant surroundings to the west. Flowing freely through rain forests of the Coast Range, conifer forests of the Cascade Mountains, and dry terrain east of the high peaks, are thousands of creeks and rivers. From the 15,000-foot view, these stunning landscapes fuel excitement for learning, adapting to unpredictable conditions, and chasing curiosity. These are the essential qualities of adventure!

You land with your personal belonging and adventurous spirit prepared to immerse yourself in the rhythm of nature. Your river guide has taken care of all the pre-trip logistics including campsite selection, meal planning, and river navigation. After raft rigging is complete, you take a deep breath and become present with the environment around you. You can hear geese honking and the sound of the river rapids. You feel the warm sunshine and smell petrichor emanating from the river grasses. You’re ready to gain personal evidence of the extraordinary beauty and exhilaration that comes with adventuring on the river.

A ping on your phone brings you back to the present moment. You know deep inside, that it’s time to trade screen time for outdoor time. This is why we’re inviting you to join us in experiencing Oregon’s rivers! We’ve got the following single-day and multi-day Oregon whitewater rafting offers for you:

Owyhee 4-Day Trips (Southeast Oregon Whitewater Rafting)

  • Praised as the ‘Grand Canyon of Oregon’ in the most remote area of the lower 48 states.
  • Multi-day river trip within nationally recognized canyon lands featuring side hikes, canyons, wildlife, and natural hot springs.
  • Jaw-dropping rock spires, hoodoos, and vistas create a mesmerizing experience for those privileged to experience the natural beauty of this place.
  • Plentiful relaxation with inspiring bird watching, wildflowers hikes, and yoga, painting, or photography options galore.
  • Proximity to Boise, Idaho for must-see places in the area: Leslie Gulch, Jordan Craters, Silver City, Pillars of Rome, Alvord Desert, and The Steens Mountains.

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Oregon River Rafting

Owyhee River

Rogue 4-Day Trips (Southwest Oregon Whitewater Rafting)

  • Treasured and charming river experience, nestled deep in the coastal Siskiyou Mountains in southwest Oregon (about 15 minutes from Grants Pass, Oregon).
  • Wild and Scenic Canyon features one of the oldest and most diverse forests in the country with thrilling whitewater, quiet seclusion, abundant wildlife, and rich history.
  • Fun for first-time river rafting enthusiasts, families, and experienced rafters alike who are looking for some of the best whitewater in the West!
  • Wildlife sightings include black bears, deer, raccoons, river otters, bald eagles, and osprey.
  • Journey back in time by raft to see why Hollywood stars and presidents paid guides for fishing, sightseeing, and whitewater thrills.

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Whitewater River Rafting in Oregon

Rogue River

Deschutes Half-Day, Full-Day, and 3-Day Trips (Central Oregon Whitewater Rafting)

  • Ideal for families, first-timers, and experienced outdoor enthusiasts looking for exciting whitewater rapids on a half-day up to a 5-day river trip vacation.
  • Outpost facilities include retail, changing rooms, restrooms, a grassy picnic area, and plentiful parking on 5 acres to facilitate youth organizations and team building.
  • Warm desert sunshine and temperature, reliable summer water flows, and easy access to white water rafting 90 miles from Bend, OR, and 90 miles from Portland OR.
  • The Lower Deschutes River offers a beautiful desert canyon filled with sagebrush, osprey, incredible basalt rock formations, and an abundance of wildlife
  • Budget-friendly camping options from BLM first come, first serve basis to reservation-based camping, lodging, and small cabins.
  • World-class site seeing and family fun along the drive to the Deschutes River including Sherars Falls, White River State Park, Mount Hood, and Timberline Lodge!

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Rafting Oregon

Deschutes River

Clackamas River Half & Full-Day Trips (Mt. Hood and Columbia River Gorge Oregon Whitewater Rafting)

  • Big water class III-IV paddling in the Spring and family-friendly river flows in the Summer.
  • Proximity to the ‘Great Outdoors’, camping, and outdoorsy activities to add to your half-day or full-day adventure.
  • Short, beautiful, scenic drive only 45 to 60 minutes from Portland, Oregon.

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Rafting Oregon's Rivers

Clackamas River

Sandy River Gorge Full-Day Trips (Mt. Hood and Columbia River Gorge Oregon Whitewater Rafting)

  • Spring whitewater rafting on the Sandy River Gorge is ideal for our returning guests who want to climb the ‘river ladder’ with progressively tougher IV+ rapids.
  • This full-day river run is truly the closest rafting to Portland, Oregon; only 30 minutes from Portland’s Eastside communities.
  • Proximity to Mount Hood for camping, hiking, skiing, etc.

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Oregon River Rafting

Sandy River Gorge

We believe that stepping away from daily life and into the outdoors brings re-sensitization, vitality, and a new perspective to life. Over the last 44 years of providing half-day, full-day, and overnight Oregon whitewater rafting trips, our team has the witnessed expansion of wonder, personal growth, and excitement in our guests. And we want that for you too! We hope you’ll join us this year and for the seasons to come!

Have questions? Hop on chat, give us a call at 800.972.0430, or contact us, and our team will respond shortly!