What makes the Owyhee the best multi-day rafting trip in Oregon?

Lower Owyhee River Camping

You want to have a vacation that is exciting, outdoors, and stress-free.

You’ve got at least one week blocked out this coming April or May to book your trip.

You’re looking for something new and different that provides you vacation too because ‘figuring where to camp‘, ‘lugging around gear’, and ‘keeping everyone entertained‘, is downright exhausting! It feels like work.

We hear you.

Perhaps you’re thinking: “What trip is affordable, accommodates spring break schedules, and is worth the time away?

We’ve got you covered with our 4-Day Lower Owyhee River Trip!

With more than 40 years of guiding multi-day river trips, we’ve got a good handle on common questions.

Q: Why are your Owyhee River trip offerings different from other outfitters?

We primarily serve working-class families, businesses, and communities of Oregon and Washington.

Likewise, our river trips are accessible and affordable for those living and traveling in the Pacific Northwest.

If you will be traveling long distances, we believe the beauty and inspiration of the area will be well worth your resources.

Guests from the Pacific Northwest drive from Seattle WA, Portland OR, and Bend OR.

National and international guests often book a river trip to break up their road trip or fly into Boise, ID to add the award-winning Owyhee River experience to their adventure.

Q: Why a 4-day Owyhee River trip rather than a 5-day or 7-day trip?

Our 4-day river trip enables guests to fully be in the wilderness and far away from ‘the grind’ while accommodating travel days on either side of their adventure.

Launch days for Spring 2022 are Fridays as opposed to weekends so that guests have a greater likelihood of arriving at desired campsites with access to hikes, hot springs, and stellar views.

Our 4-day trip covers 55+ canyon river miles from Rome, OR to Leslie Gulch, OR, and highlights what our guests and city folks rave about most…‘ starry nights, rare wildlife encounters, and wide-open spaces ‘.

Q: How do we decide between the Middle or Lower Owyhee multi-day trips?

If you’ve already experienced the 4-Day Lower Owyhee with class I-IV rapids, we’ve expanded our trip offering to include the Middle Owyhee.

The Middle is a more advanced river section with 39 river miles of class technical I-IV+ rapids.

Please call us to discuss prior Owyhee River whitewater rafting experience and river skills required to participate in this trip.

Q: What about the fitness, age, and river skills of the people in my group?

You may be surprised by our response to this question and we say it often…

‘Don’t come on this river trip for the white water rafting. Come on this river for the exceptional overall experience!’

Seriously, book this adventure for the unique, remote, national treasure of an experience that the Owyhee River Canyon provides.

There’s a wide range of options for guests in terms of their ages, physical abilities, and river skills.

Kids and seniors can choose from stunning side hikes or camp chair bird watching, river’s edge fishing or hot springs dipping, and starry night skies by the fire or early night in the tent for deep rest.

With a group of 8 or more, your trip is customizable.

The Bottomline:

There’s a reason why the Owyhee River is called the ‘Grand Canyon of Oregon and you’ll only if you go!

Whether you are planning a family reunion, vacation, wedding, or team building offsite, we’d love to work with you to make it happen!