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Whitewater Rafting – Oregon Company Outing


Your 'Off-The-Charts' Oregon Company Outing! Whitewater rafting on the Lower Deschutes River provides an Oregon company outing that gets people out of the office, promotes relationship building, and shows employee appreciation. A whitewater rafting half-day or full-day trip also gives teams an opportunity have fun, be outside, and enjoy recreating together. Photo: [MORE...]

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When To Book A Multi-Day Rafting Trip In Oregon


Months To Book Your Multi-Day Rafting Trip In Oregon At River Drifters, we offer family-friendly overnight rafting trips on some of the best rivers in the Pacific Northwest, including the Rogue River, Deschutes River, and Owyhee River. One of the most frequently asked questions we get from our customers inquiring about multi-day trips [MORE...]

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Best Family Day Trip | Portland, Oregon


Best Family Day Trip Itinerary The Columbia River Gorge is a spectacular river canyon full of enchantment, wonder, and adventure. This river gorge is home to the mighty Columbia River, grand vistas, waterfalls tucked away inside canyons or plummeting off basalt cliffs towering hundreds of feet overhead, and lush, deep evergreen forests idyllic of [MORE...]

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Best Day Trip Near Portland Oregon


Best Day Trip Near Portland Itinerary The Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area with its towering basalt cliffs, countless waterfalls, and lush green forests, is one of the most stunning natural areas in the Pacific Northwest. The Gorge hosts an abundance of outdoor activities, including whitewater rafting, which we believe makes it the best [MORE...]

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Family Friendly | Day Trip Near Bend Oregon


Best Day Trip Near Bend For Families If you and your family are staying in the Bend area and want to enjoy one of Oregon’s best outdoor activities, we recommend you head to Maupin, Oregon for whitewater rafting on the Lower Deschutes River. Day trip near Bend rafting on the Deschutes River is perfect [MORE...]

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Rafting – Best Family Adventure


This Trip Scored A Spot On Our Best Family Adventure List! Finding the best family adventure experience in the great outdoors is nearly every parents' dream.  A family adventure should be fun, filled with beautiful landscapes, quality time with one another away from electronics, passing along traditions, creating memories, and nobody getting hangry*. But [MORE...]

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Rogue River Rafting Booking Tips


Rogue River Rafting Booking Tips For Newbies And Families We’ve pulled together your frequently asked booking questions so that you have our Rogue River rafting booking tips top of mind while planning your next adventure. For river trip newbies and families, the Rogue River is a camp rafting paradise and a great introduction to [MORE...]

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KGW: Let’s Get Out There


Looking for insider information about the extraordinary sites and experiences in Oregon? Let's Get Out There features iconic landmarks and hidden treasures that bring people back to Oregon year after year! These are one-of-a-kind outdoor experiences for discovering, exploring, and adventuring with each other in the natural world. In this Let's Get Out There [MORE...]

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Get Hu’sum BBQ + White Salmon River Rafting


Get Hu'Sum BBQ: Hearty Food To Fuel Your River Adventure... Do you have a palate for grand adventure and great food? Featuring a new open-air grill and outdoor kitchen, Get Hu'sum BBQ offers mouth-watering food conveniently located onsite at the White Salmon River outpost. From smoked meats and veggies to salads made from scratch, [MORE...]

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Oregon Overnight Rafting + Ice Cream


It’s time to plan your next Oregon overnight rafting trip so that you can take in the beauty of it all – wild rivers, mountain vistas, abundant farmlands, charming towns, and ice cream! What do Oregon overnight rafting and ice cream have to do with each other? You remember the jingle: 'I scream, you scream, [MORE...]

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