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KGW: Let’s Get Out There


Looking for insider information about the extraordinary sites and experiences in Oregon? Let's Get Out There features iconic landmarks and hidden treasures that bring people back to Oregon year after year! These are one-of-a-kind outdoor experiences for discovering, exploring, and adventuring with each other in the natural world. In this Let's Get Out There [MORE...]

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Get Hu’sum BBQ + White Salmon River Rafting


Get Hu'Sum BBQ: Hearty Food To Fuel Your River Adventure... Do you have a palate for grand adventure and great food? Featuring a new open-air grill and outdoor kitchen, Get Hu'sum BBQ offers mouth-watering food conveniently located onsite at the White Salmon River outpost. From smoked meats and veggies to salads made from scratch, [MORE...]

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Oregon Overnight Rafting + Ice Cream


It’s time to plan your next Oregon overnight rafting trip so that you can take in the beauty of it all – wild rivers, mountain vistas, abundant farmlands, charming towns, and ice cream! What do Oregon overnight rafting and ice cream have to do with each other? You remember the jingle: 'I scream, you scream, [MORE...]

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Oregon Whitewater Rafting


Oregon whitewater rafting offers extraordinary single-day and multi-day river trips! Whether you’re an experienced outdoor enthusiast or a family with kiddos, we’ve got a trip that meets your skill level, time commitment, and sense of adventure. Oregon whitewater rafting offers an experience that positively influences people. Perhaps you're wondering: 'How can we make such [MORE...]

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Rogue River Family Rendezvous


We’d like to invite you and your family to our annual Rogue River family rendezvous! Imagine a magical land nestled deep in the coastal Siskiyou Mountains of southwest Oregon! A landscape where verdant lush forests, deep emerald pools, and sparkling waterfalls naturally stir up childlike wonder. Secret side-hikes, breathtaking canyon views, and buried treasure become [MORE...]

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Best Oregon Multi-Day River Rafting: Owyhee Overnight


What makes the Owyhee River the best multi-day rafting trip in Oregon? You want to have a vacation that is exciting, outdoors, and stress-free! You’ve got at least one week blocked out this coming April or May to book your trip. You’re looking for something new and different that provides you vacation too because 'figuring [MORE...]

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Best Family Rafting in Oregon; Top 10 Reasons


Top 10 Reasons The Lower Deschutes River Provides The Best Family Rafting In Oregon (1) The Lower Deschutes River features thrilling but not terrifying class I-III+ rapids providing fun for the whole family rafting (ages 4 and up) experience. Your river adventure will be interspersed with calm stretches to swim, cliff jump, and take in [MORE...]

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Husum Waterfall: 14 Foot Waterfall In Washington


Husum Waterfall: The tallest floatable waterfalls in the U.S. on the White Salmon River! Husum waterfall is easily one of the most photographed river rapids in the Pacific North West! The waterfall is located on the White Salmon River and is a trip highlight of later season rafting on the White Salmon River. Once flows [MORE...]

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