Whitewater Rafting in Washington State

Washington State has some of the finest river rafting opportunities in the country.  Washington state actaully has more glaciers than the other 47 contiguous states combined.  The copious amounts of rain and snow in Washington produce an abundance of rivers, lakes and streams.  There is so many wonderful waterways to play on throughout the state.  River Drifters offers trips on three spectacular rivers in Washington.  Whether you are on a family vacation, a corporate retreat or a group of adrenaline seekers, River Drifters has a perfect river experience for you.

From the thundering rapids and beautiful scenery of an early seaon Wind River trip, to the Summertime beauty with a ten foot Husum Falls on the White Salmon, or even the Springtime isolated treat on the the Klickitat River, there is a perfect adventure for you.  Washington is a very diverse state where some of the driest and wettest areas of the country both reside.  In some areas you will find rain forest like scenery on rivers with lush vegitation, cascading tributaries and beautiful moss and lichen covered rocks.  Other rivers will great one with deep and vast gorges rising a thousand feet from the rivers edge, rolling canyons and hills with breath-taking wildflowers.  And of coarse many fun and thrilling rapids to keep you on your toes!