Adrenaline Spiked Adventure!



Difficulty LevelClass III – IV & optional V

Age Requirement10+

Length in milesTwo options

Length in timeTwo options


Common Merganser

(Mergus merganser) – is a large sea duck of rivers and lakes in forested areas of Europe, Asia, and North America. The common merganser eats mainly fish. It nests in holes in trees. Females have grey bodies and a brown head with a characteristic “mohawk” and thin red bill. Males are a magnificent white with green iridescent heads and thin, jagged, red bill.

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Rafting the White Salmon River is one of the best-kept recreation secrets of the Pacific Northwest!

You may have seen photos or video of Husum Falls, the 10-foot commercially-run waterfall or heard stories of incredible adrenaline-pumping whitewater rafting and we could not agree more. The White Salmon River is located only 90 minutes from the Portland/Vancouver area so that you can experience some of the most thrilling and sporty III-IV rapids in the area.

The glaciers of Mt. Adams combined with the immense aquifers in the area, keep the White Salmon bubbling all summer long. The river cuts its way through one of the most beautiful, constricted, and heavily forested gorges in the area. The water is clear blue, the weather is fabulous, and rapids are big and numerous; making the White Salmon River one of the most exciting half-day or full-day river rafting trips in the west!

As the Summer days run long and the snow begins to recede, the water levels become lower and the trip becomes more playful. It’s at this point (mid-Summer and Fall, when many Northwest rivers are reduced to a trickle) that we shift our trip dynamics a bit. We launch 2 miles upstream (beyond) the normal commercial launch to begin our trip deep in the canyon (thanks to some wonderful private property owners).

By launching upstream, we add 2 more miles of class IV water including rapids like S-turn, Top-Drop, The Flume, Bombers’ Drop and more! We also portage around BZ Falls (watch the video above so that you fully understand what the portage entails), which is one of the most beautiful and picturesque sections of the river. We are extremely privileged and fortunate to offer this, not only for the extra rapids but we truly get to enjoy a canyon untouched by man.

When water levels are low enough to safely offer Husum Falls, an exciting grand finale will conclude the run. Husum Falls is completely optional and you must be 16 and up with a parent present to paddle this drop. Many people walk around and sometimes the entire boat will portage this rapid. In short, this trip is all fun and offers the most rapids!

Our Guides

Our guides are experienced and accomplished in outdoor skills and trained in first aid, CPR, and river rescue. They are environmental stewards of the outdoor areas where we work and play and are knowledgeable about the natural & cultural history of the river. They are fun, interesting people who have a passion for rivers and guiding. If you have questions about rafting or anything else, ask and they will be happy to share what they know.


This river segment has one of the three best resident trout fisheries in the region, based on fish size and abundance. The most important species are rainbow trout and eastern brook trout.

Wildlife Viewing

The White Salmon River is an excellent place to observe birds in the wild. Along the river, in the Columbia River Gorge, it is almost inevitable to spot the American Dipper bobbing on the rocks or the Cedar Waxwings and Northern Rough-Winged Swallows swooping over the water hunting flying insects. It’s also typical to see Common Mergansers, Canada Geese, and Mallards resting along the river banks or floating down river. There are even chances of spotting raptors such as Osprey or a Bald Eagle.

“This event was the HIGHLIGHT of my trip to Oregon!!”

Javier Gomez

White Salmon River Rafting Trips ….
Husum Falls, White Salmon River Rafting

White Salmon River Half-Day

Season: April - October
Duration: Half Day
Length: 8 miles
Price: $65-87 (not including 3% land use fee and taxes)
Rapids: III-IV (Optional waterfall)
Skill Level: Continuous paddling
Age Minimum: 10
Trip Itinerary

White Salmon River Rafting

White Salmon River Full-Day

Season: April - October
Duration: One Day
Length: 15 miles
Price: $140-165 (not including 3% land use fee and taxes)
Rapids: III-IV (Optional waterfall)
Skill Level: Continuous paddling
Age Minimum: 10
Trip Itinerary

Are you ready for your rafting adventure on the White Salmon River?